The Survivor

Suddenly, pangs of loneliness crept in
As he sat at a corner table all alone
Months since any of his friends, he’s seen
Nor has he spoken to anyone on the phone
Unanswered, his calls have been
No return calls for reasons unknown
Hurt, he thought they’re being mean
Despite all the kindness he’s shown
But as he stared at the TV screen
Flashes came that chilled him to the bone
A grim realization, as memories intervene
That he’s a survivor and virtually alone!
Grief stricken, bitter tears flowed freely
As a nurse wheeled him to his room gently
© F Aparici

A sad, sad story of an old man in a nursing home, in the throes of dementia, who suddenly realizes that all of his loved ones and friends are gone, and he is alone. It must be devastating.


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