High Mindedness

High Mindedness
Our hunters, armed with guns and bows,
Go forth to thin the numerous deer —
So none will starve, we’re to suppose,
Though that lie causes me to sneer.  
To jocks karate isn‘t play;
It’s paths to dignity and peace;
But then they show a better way
To kick out other people’s teeth.
The  columnist of etiquette
Enjoys, no doubt, her role as prude,
For then she can without regret
Describe with relish what is crude.
In Hollywood a film’s released
To show Mel Gibson’s pious stance:
See Christ made bloody pulp by priests
And Sodom’s harlots belly dance.
And thus the cortex modifies
The lizard stem that never lies.


Published with permission of "Lyric,"Vol. 84, No.3


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