Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and My Late Conversion

The Minister Speaks:
“Our chastened knees and pressed palms made you sneer:
Father and Son, you said, were cosmos humanized;
the water to wine, the stinking corpse revived
mere legerdemain, you claimed,
by one whom you knew not as King and Lord.
“But now that all the medicos look grim,  
assigning you to what to you seemed cipher,
you tell me you are now reborn,
transmogrified to Christian  . . .  
Oh, yes, you prove there are no atheists in foxholes.”  
My Answer:
True, but you must share your hallelujahs:
Since those doomsters spoke I’ve become as well
Theosophist and  Sunni, Shiite and Moslem,
Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu.
And now for a little voodoo:
By the dim light of an orange moon,
with trembling fingers
I’m putting an X in guano
on my sweating brow.



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