The Anguish of Action

The Anguish of Action
We frame and then pursue specific aims,
But find results are not what we had guessed:
Christ advocated love to all his lambs,
Who then loved some —turned tigers on the rest.
The ragged souls Theresa kept alive
Survived to breed additional wretched souls;
And thus the problems, not the people, thrive,
Despair increased by well-intended goals.
A man who’s given fish is fed a day,
And teaching him to fish may then seem wise,
But then he shows his greed and loots the bay
And makes a travesty of enterprise.
And honesty as wisest policy,
Is still another maxim gone astray;        
           Ask any former Enron Employee
           Who saw his pension go to Kenneth Lay.
              It’s easy saying things we think are wise,
   To say we’re ruled by thought, not whims of men,
   But chances are our thoughts are errors or lies,
            And one should tremble when he says “Amen.”
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