(to D.G., a love that's forever golden).

Your golden curls,
and glowing smile.
The times we craved,
for that half hour
to kiss and hold each other tight.
Behind the church,
Beneath the steps,
Oh how i weep when i reflect
upon these memories we made,
And how i yearn  that you had stayed.
Those sparkled eyes
that shone through mine,
Saved me from
such tortured times.
The world, no life
has ever seen,
a heart so pure, so pristine.
But then that day,
It became too much.
A phone call that swept you away.
'He’s gone Gabby, he’s dead, he’s dead!'.
Words i never predicted to be said.
You took your life into your hands,
No goodbyes, no last chance
to meet beneath the steps and kiss,
no chance for hope, or promises.
And there you lay,
closed casket, still.
Seething that this is 'Gods’ will.
Too young to rest beneath the earth,
Too late to say 'i loved you first’.


Recalling cherished memories of a true first love, who was taken by his own hand.. Missing you always and forever D.G., i love you. X

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Nic Hession
over 6 years

Thank you. means a lot

Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years

This is touching, and like Cory said a very beautiful tribute. Well done.

Nic Hession
over 6 years

thank you Cory. D.G. is missed by all of us, such a special soul.
and that was lovely, beautifully worded.

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

This is beautiful tribute... well done sister poet!i may have never told you
just how much i loved
to hold you
beneath the steps
of what i thought would be
my home
the truth is
i should have told you
much more
than i ever did...
like how your smiles
my darkest days
or how your tears
my soul
how our adventures
for me
any other we heard about
spinning and swaying
without a care in the world
except for you...
i know
its been some time
since you last
saw my smiling face
or felt my kiss
upon your skin
but my hope is dear one
that you have felt
where i chose to make
my home...
in each beat
of your heart
as it carries me
through each room
of our temple
filling each of them
with the part of you
that i loved best...
my dear one
i no longer thirst
for what i needed
there are no more tears
there is no more hunger
there is no more hurting
there is only love
there is only truth
there is only life
and it is well
it is well
it is well
with my soul...for knowing you

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