(To withstanding my insanity)

Here i wait with time again.
These words, this ink, become my friends.
Words, they have an open heart,
And ink and I shall never part.
Serving Karma with tattered hands,
speaking softly until it ends.
This tickled pain that beats my heart
creeps my fears out of the dark.
And when i feel my time is near
to share my soul
with someone dear,
Courage will let down its shield
and see how
Its wounds have healed.
One day a ray of light will shine
through my days as dark as night,
With it, will reach out a hand.
And i’ll feel its not alone i stand.
For i am merely a tortured soul,
Who craves the warmth of being alone
with these words, and this ink.
My escape, my blotted shrinks.


Having an outlet, in times of intense guilt and suffering. An outlet that brings hope for life.

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Nic Hession
over 6 years

thanks very much ^_^

Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years

Awesome write!

Nic Hession
over 6 years

Thanks Cory! appreciate it :)

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

WoW! Very Nice :)

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