How to boost a poem

You can now decide which poems make it to the front page by boosting them for $5. To boost a poem, click the light icon below it and enter the payment information.

How to get rid of ads

Ads are gross and we hate them. We're using them to make our site sustainable. If you want to browse Poeticous free of horrible ads, just make a small monthly pledge. Any amount will do. It's good karma and you'll be supporting poetry. Thanks!!!

Or with PayPal

Search tips

We have programmed a few search operators that allow you to refine your search. The operators are:

in:en Search for poems in English
in:es Poems in Spanish
in:fr Poems in French
has:media Poems with Youtube videos or cover photos
has:analysis Poems with analysis
has:translation Poems that have translations into Spanish or French
by:pro Written by classic or profesional poets
by:male Written by male poets
by:female Written by female poets

For example, a search for

love      has:analysis      has:translation      has:media

will return all the poems that contain the word "love", that have an analysis, a Spanish translation, and have Youtube videos or cover photos.

How to message other members privately

It's easy: go to the page of the person you want to message and click the little envelop below the person's name. Then, type your message in the box that appears in the cover-photo area and click the arrow below the right corner to post it. The message will be there for the recipient to read when he signs in.

To reply to a message posted in your page, click the reply button at the right end of the text box. It will take you to the sender's page where you can type your reponse and post it.

How to change your cover photo

There's a little camera right below the Poeticous logo, on the top-left corner of the page. Click the camera and select whether to pick a picture from our album or to upload your own photo. After the photo has been selected, drag it to adjust it if needed, click the check mark in the bottom-right corner and wait for the file to upload. Then, apply a filter if you want and click the new check mark.

For better results, use high definition images that are at least 1000 pixels wide. Just go there, search what you want, download it to your computer and upload it to your profile or your poems in Poeticous. www.unsplash.com. Just go there, search what you want, download it to your computer and upload it to your profile or your poems in Poeticous.

How to change your profile picture

There are two ways:

1) Go to your main page and click the pencil above your biography, then hover over your profile picture and click on the little camera that appears.

2) Click the little person-icon at the top-right of the menu and hover over your profile picture to click on the little camera that appears.

How to format your poems and your bio

You can use the following HTML tags to add some formatting to your texts:

<b>Text in bold</b> Text in bold
<i>Text in italics</i> Text in italics


Add _ _ _ _ _ _ (spaces) to add spaces.

For any other question

Send us an email at