In the hallway, she sat in her chair
as if waiting for someone to acknowledge her.
The blank stare and weary look in her face
manifested long lived years.
Her thin lips almost drawn to a slit,
twitched just a little bit.
She tried to utter a word
but, she’s now silent to the world.
Soon after, people headed through
the double doors.
In the dining room awaits the nightly feast.
For some people, it’s always a bliss!
After the feast... she had to stay a while...
special assistance, undoubtedly required.
Since, swallowing now compromised...
one on one, well systemized.
Her veins bulged out
of her wrinkly hands.
Her grip was tight...
holding on with all her might.
Her bearing unsteady;
she needed to be wary
to make it to her bed
without any incident.
She lay down in bed
with a sigh of breath;
maybe,  she found some comfort...
after a long day’s event...
Her weary look in her face
still there as she lay and stared in space...
Finally, she closed her eyes.
The contemplation she may have had...
remained unknown... depth uncharted...
...after a long day’s event.



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Robert L. Martin
casi 5 años

This is so descriptive of the old woman. Very good poem

casi 5 años

I know I have read this before. It's one of your earlier poems, two months after you wrote the first one. But it is one of the most powerful poems you have written! It reads just as well, exactly a year after you wrote it!

casi 5 años

Thank you, Vic.

Olga Gavrilovskiy
más de 5 años

The image of the old woman you've painted is very clear, very grasping :-)

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