In her statuesque beauty,
A figure, so grotesque I can see...
She was meticulously carved with care.
But a darkened soul inside shrieking to bare
Layers of contrite, mournful devouring traits,
With her beguiling embrace,
Fools beware...
Never befall, stay aware.
She graces you with grief,
Like a midnight thief...
Solicits sweet, short-lived revenge.
She will cut you over and over again.
This mystical being resides
In this statuesque bride...
Cajoles you to the edge of the abyss...
So, never follow to find your bliss.
Bottomless pit awaits...
Hell’s fire you must anticipate...
Once you’re snared...
There’s no going back... I’m afraid.


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L. J. Slaferek
over 5 years

I really liked this poem, one of my favourites of yours that I've read so far! :)

over 5 years

☺️☺️☺️ Thanks for reading, Robert!

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Beware what lies beneath that sweet smile of hers

over 5 years

Wow. This has depth. I like it and it makes me feel uneasy which means it works. Great write again Imrouge. Thanks for the read

Tony Hill
over 5 years

Enjoyed your poem.

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