Happenstance is the answer
to meeting each other.
To certain degree, romance is in action.
Happiness abound; there's no substitution.
However, it’s not enough...so, we did some addition
Soon, number of days together; in multiplication.
Now, I have to pay much closer attention...
How will I solve this heart equation?
I must divide my time for fun and obligations.
I think, it's better with an even distribution.
Though, I should never wish for any duplication!
Because that will be odd...just too much commotion!
Now, I’m still stuck with this heart equation...
How do I come up with better solution?
Lo and behold with all these causations...
A new agenda’s bringing great sensations.
In statistical probability: if a fellow truly likes me
As much as I like him; I’ll just have to wait and see.
In graphical trend: sloping upward or downward.
As far as I know, this relationship will not be awkward
As long as the properties properly function
Towards increasing exponential functions.
I guess, “trials and errors” always carry over,
If really necessary, I might've to crossover.
In my calculations, the fraction of a whole
Is even better than fifty-fifty zone.
When giving your heart to your to-be sweetheart.
This is a good thought... it’s called a smart-start.
Consider slowing down while writing this equation.
Use extra precautions finding the final conclusion.


Math inclination :))

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Tony Hill
casi 6 años

This poem is terrific
and you certainly are prolific.
How do you have the time
to find so many rhymes?
You should be congratulated,
adored and even feted.
I'm sure there's more to come
and I promise to read them.On a more serious note, I enjoyed the poem.

casi 6 años

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me...I really really appreciate your comments!

Robert L. Martin
casi 6 años

It seems that you do a lot of writing. Your writing keeps improving all the time. Keep up the good work

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