Someone loomed from nowhere—
A better glimpse failed her—
Her breath was heavy
between anticipation
and trepidation—
In the dark, she heard a voice—
calling her name—
She replied it with a question—
“Who is it?”
There was but silence—
A light brush of cold air on her skin
suddenly chilled her bone
and gave a shiver to her spine.
She tried to open the door
upon her path but failed —
When she turned to walk away...
a brisk wind blew the door wide open.
Revealing bright light in the dark—
floating and dancing in space—
then it ascended
into thin air!
it disappeared—
—into the unknown—
and never to be seen again.


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over 4 years

id like to know what or who or what event or feeling inspired you to write this poem...its very relatable and detached from yourself ...but by the end its very personal ..ive always liked that dynamic

over 4 years

This is actually based on my older sister's experience... somehow she always experience some weird stuff like this... We ( my siblings) think she's followed by poltergeists.

over 4 years

@Imrogue: those stories...exciting...that just made the reading even better

over 4 years

your truly virtuous

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