The rice laid on the mat,
While it dried under the sun.
I sat on my father’s lap,
as I read from book of John.
My sister played nearby
And soon she would nap,
listening to a lullaby...
that mother played with harp.
Mother’s voice was heard from afar.
Asking father to keep the door ajar,
So I could watch them dance the Tango
as I enjoyed my mangoes.
That’s how I remembered us together,
that beautiful summer day.
But, soldiers came a-running,
setting the house ablaze,
forcing us to move... so so far away.
Migrated to another place, heartfelt with sorrow.
The war would be over, I prayed 'would be tomorrow.
But the war was just beginning...
and seemed never ending.
My childhood memories I left behind...
Oh, I wished I did not mind.
Up in the mountains, hidden in the forest...
Climbed  certain speed, ahead from the rest.
Dug up some holes,
We felt like moles.
Dodged bullets from enemies;
scared and full of worries.
People became accustomed away from each other.
A year or more went by and then another.
To pass time and monotony of days...
Children cautiously played.
Velvety coat of magnificent horse,
Under my feet I learned with my oars,
Balancing act
I found, I had a knack!
I learned to swim with my sister dear,
Coconut husks, used for floaters...
Those were the times that made me happy,
During troubled years, oh, so, so dreary.
We all survived...then, it was time,
From the mountains,
We left them behind.
Enemies gone, and we were free!
In our homeland, we’re all glad to be!


My mother's memories of the war.

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casi 6 años

thank you Mr Moonlight!

Mr Moonlight
casi 6 años

Very evocative, and yes - what a story!

casi 6 años

Thank you! It made her a stronger woman! and you are welcome! you know my favorites :)

Robert L. Martin
casi 6 años

Wow, that's quite a testimony. Your mother must have had a tough life. Very well done. Also, thank you so much for reading and enjoying my writing. It means so much to me

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