Have you heard of a writer’s block?
I wondered... I thought it was a crock!
Suddenly, I’m taken aback...
Inflicted and being attacked!
Let’s watch the clock.............................
.......tick .......tock ..........tick ..........tock
.............................Still, I have no luck!!!


repost- deleted by mistake

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D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
presque 5 ans

You have struck a cord here, humor and truth go so well together when blended just right. Thanks! It was fun.

Poetry is Life
Environ 5 ans

Boy. I know those so well. NICELY DONE!

Environ 5 ans

you are absolutely right, Parker! Thanks for reading and liking my poem. I'm glad you like this!

Parker Jennings
Environ 5 ans

The clock can be incredibly cruel to writers

plus de 5 ans

Too true. Nuff said

plus de 5 ans

Good point, Gary! Thanks for taking the time to comment here. I really appreciate it. :) best regards!

Gary W
plus de 5 ans

my poems just come to me. I dont force my self to write. some times my poems come to me one at a time and some times 5 at a time. some times they come once a year and some times a few times a year. living life and going through experiences prepares the poems. then when my soul processes the experience it will send me the poem as if it were already writen. its like a voice inside my head telling me what to write. some times i even dream the poem. But i have the opposite of writers block right now as i stopped writing because im 45 and i want to try to put my energy into sharing the poems i have instead of making more. but the voice keeps trying to send me the poems but i just try to block it out. whats really wierd though is i write the poems in my head then at a later date i type them out to put in my book and every time the verses have the same number of lines? i dont know how it happens but its like they alwaus work out ...7 lines 4 lines 7 lines 4 lines or 8 lines 8 lines 8 lines etc... i dont even realize that untill i type it out but that really makes me wonder how this happens? another thing is that i remember every poem i ever wrote by heart. even from 30 yrs ago. i believe that is cus i dont force my self to write. so my point is you dont have writers block you are writing even when your not writing as you are experiencing experience's to write about which is all part of the process of writing.:-) k,bye

Mr Moonlight
plus de 5 ans

Ha ha, nicely done!

Tony Hill
plus de 5 ans

Enjoyed your poem, again!

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