...you, yourself , as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - Buddha

Still can’t believe it
when looking in the mirror
with “I love you much”
say it anyway... one day
true feelings follow the phrase.
Don’t need to rely
on significant others
to feel loved... whole... worth
do yourself favour... cherish
being your own trusted friend.
When you trust your heart
you trust your mind to take steps
to honour... respect
the essential path to true
self... hiding behind the mask.
Add some quiet time
in solitude... to connect
feel... feed core fire
and honour... received self-love.
Disjoined from past... move forward.
Take a scenic walk
make habit of being sweet
to you... life-long friend.
Cooking healthy candle meal
tell yourself... you really care.
Romance yourself. Take
life into both hands deep ways
get know who you are
your likes... cheers... joys. Laugh a lot!
Let your inner radiance glow.
Romancing Yourself. (c) 2013 Isabella Koldras

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Good motivational speech. I"ll have to try it. Thanx


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