Ft. Seth Paul Williams

I talk to God when I meditate
Even though some tell me there’s demons in my head
I turn around and say it’s time to elevate
Allow me to illuminate:
Who’s to say that worship is a recipe
Which must be followed to a T
In order for the Lord to hear and bless?
Many Christians seek dominance
My way or the highway
History can attest to that
That’s not blessed are the meek
That’s the strong taking advantage of the weak
A superiority complex so engrained in traditions
Denominations and theologies
That it’s hard to see
It’s not a relationship;
It’s more like OCD
The freedom that’s in Christ
Relieves me from your religiosity
That’s more concerned with doing it right
Then just doing it Nike
Some Christians build walls
Around their spirituality
They live as if God is only in church
Or when they’re on their knees
This gives rise to hate & hypocrisies
Until the seventh day because that’s the Lord’s day
We’ve romanticized rules
Which Jesus came to free us from
Wrapping them so nicely in this exclusive religion
That the prestigious have co-opted
I propose a shift to recognize
That God is in you & me
And every living thing, whether
you want that to be or not
While we eat, sleep, love or hate
While I write, fight, and meditate
That’s spirituality.
What will you do to elevate?

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