I’ve been searchin
Tied up with my feet around my neck
I can’t breathe with this feeling of condemnation and this feeling of disappointing
But you
you were hung up on the cross for a reason
That reason was to die
but to die is to gain
And you showed us that we live under an umbrella of grace
I’ve read about it in a book
Not just a book
but the most relevant book in human history
A guideline for life
For you
And for me
For all to see
Black or white
Yellow or brown
The word is for women and men alike
No child is too small
No man is too old
Similes and metaphors
All of those poetic terms
They’re their
You like war and violence
Read about David and Goliath
You like love, lust and lies
Read about Sampson and Delilah



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