Here I stand
Waiting for you
And only you
My legs are getting weak and weary
But still I stand here
Waiting for you
My heart is beating faster than a marathon runners
These feelings of excitement and joy are bundled tightly in a chrysalis trying to contain these
The way your hazelnut eyes capture my gaze
I’m helpless
So I stare passionately into the nutty paradise islands
What is this earthly notion of love
Am I to young to have this formulated formula of what love should and shouldn’t be
Love conquers all, right?
Or do we maneuver the distant misunderstood to an earthly interpretation
Whatever love is
The act of trying to figure it out brings us closer
Like sea otters hold hands while adrift at sea
so as not to lose eachother
Like your hand fits tightly in mine
And I grasp it so as never to lose you



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