I’m overwhelmed by the thought of what could’ve been
Crying over what should’ve been
My hand in your hand
Your ear near my heart
Oh what I would do
For me to be with you
For us to be
And for my fears to be drawn beneath the sea
I am infatuated with you girl
My mind is blessed with deep thoughts of such a pearl
My heart drifts when I cannot feel you
You’re like ecstasy leaving me wanting more and more
My heart wants you so much
My body wants to feel your touch
I can climb mountains  
But I can’t make God’s daughter
My lover
A dance with you is all I need
To show you how much I need
A woman like you to finish a man like me
Dancing allows for our hearts to be one
For our bodies to mold and our souls to sing melodious songs
Songs of a triumphant and undying love



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