Some how words aren’t worth much
Even though words are the biggest form
Of communication
It’s how folks get married
How business ventures
Get adventured
But some how they can make you
Lucky or not
Some how they can make you
Funny or not
Like words are our entire being
For some reason body language
Is a lost dialect
Body language can take words
and make them physical
It can create a picture out of imageless syllables
Body language gets shoved into the
dark corners of the room
That is
Being created by an imagination that was built
On words
But with no imagination
There is no innovation
Severely limiting progression
Both economical
And societal
But why am I talking money
While talking citizenry
It’s like money is so inundated into our souls
And our shoes
Like Nike has taken sports by storm
Money has come to be of more value than the human
Humans can be manipulated by words
Empty promises are made
And we fall victim
To the beautification of words
That have no depth yet mean so much
Words are so invaluable
That we
Use them all the time
But the fact that we use them so much
Has created communication that is
Not valued

The creative process for this poem was super interesting because it wasn't like one event got me thinking about this topic, it was a series of happenings, interactions with people, stuff I read and heard about. I also got back into listening to spoken word , which caused me to write a little bit different.

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