They say time heals all wounds
But I disagree
I say that time is the vessel
by which healing begins
Time is nothing but a catalyst
to help takeout the pins
Whether physical
or emotional pain
There is most certainly
some type of gain
Not in muscle
or stamina
But in heart
and lamina
It’s too bad that time
seems to pass
like a young school boy staring at the clock
wondering when he gets to leave class
The words I write don’t always make sense
but they’re meant
to make you stop, and count the cents
Because life, is more than dollar bills and change
It’s less about what you can do for yourself
And more about the value and the range
How far your impact reaches
How much of yourself you sacrifice
Maybe even giving away your peaches
It’s not a handout
But instead
It’s living as community


Time, Community

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Sarana Conradie
over 4 years

Love it


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