Love has been nickeled and dimed
But tonight I’ll find her and give her my heart
Never should a woman work like this
But sadly, excuses for men see this as bliss
When did we lose respect
For women that we’re supposed to protect
How many times must I bleed red
Before you realize that you’re in slavery
Even though that you’ve been told slavery is dead
It’s not your fault
You did all that you could
Before those men laid with you in bed
And told you that all you are is a toy
You are more
More than a mere delight bought with money
More than somebody behind a door
You have a voice
You have a mind
And a beautiful heart
You have air in your lungs
And an undeniable sparkle in your eyes
I hope that you realize that you’re more
Even though the waters around you rise
There is always a way to safety on the shore


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