Evil runs rampant
There’s not much that we can do
It’s exactly this type of thinking
That causes us to run
Laps at a track meet
And guess what
We’re in first
Oh woe is me
And woe is you
There’s not much that we can do
If I were to sit back passively
You would wish that you
Had guns too
No one is asking you to do nothing
Quite the opposite you see
Rally the troops and ready the sails!
We need action and we need it now!
See you can’t defend without guns
You can’t do it unless you run
I’m not delusional
Guns are as American as Apple Pie
And well, we see where that’s gotten us
Oh pish-posh
Guns are not evil
It’s humans that are the ones
You want me to give up
My guns because of a few maniacs
Some of them might even be sons?
Yes that’s exactly it
Well, what about
A tyrannical government?
Oh I see
So like Hitler or Mussolini
Yes, now you’re getting it
Have you not heard
Of nonviolence
Or tried it out
No I haven’t
it sounds, like it’s for pansies
Real men fight
Take up arms
And destroy
Real men?
Oh, like, Jesus or Corazon
Gandhi or MLK
Henry David Thoreau
Or Bonhoeffer
We must reject passivity
And fill our holsters
With nonviolence

This poem is a conversation. Every other stanza belongs to one person. It begins with the idea that we're screwed anyways and then it is debated.

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