She’s the lady in the white dress
While everybody else is wearing black
The contrast perpetuates her differences even more so
She’s the lady with the milk chocolate skin
The hazelnut eyes that are as sharp as a thousand blades and as addicting as ecstasy
Walking flawlessly toward the other side of the room
She’s embraced by sand colored forearms that have been fishing once or twice
With curves so finely cut
And legs so long and smooth they are destined to be caressed
It’s not her beautiful body
Nor her silky hair
But her compassion for all
Her love can stand atop a ridged cliff and make it climbable
It tames the beasts of the unforgiving rain forest
No storm can overtake her
No frightening beast can make her cower
She won’t turn her back
As faithful as the kings knights
As beautiful as the queens daughter
I will never forget you
Nor forsake you
For you are the southern bell which beckons me
The beautiful sunset to end my day
And the reason I wake up in the morning
The reason that I keep fighting
to be the best man I can be


love, beauty, perfection

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