I ain’t no white-collared city slicker
But I ain’t no hillbilly neither
What does that mean
I ain’t no roughneck
And I ain’t no pretty-boy
I read my books
I shoot my guns
I roll in the dirt
And I part my hair
In spite of that I don’t always know
How to get to where I’m goin’
But you can bet
That I’ll have fun along the way
I wear a fedora like a classy cowboy
And a pair-of-boots like a lumberjack
These tattoos tell of an
Of a struggle and
A directional apex
I threw out my anchor
I ain’t movin’ no more
I found my way
Back to the pines
My soul is grounded
I have no reason to move

Inspired a lot by the album "Kids These Days" by Judah and the Lion. It was super fun to write, I tried to be a bit introspective, while still leaving room for the reader to use his/her imagination.

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