I don’t write this rap stuff
I write to unwrap the beautiful ideas thought up in a complex mind
Covered in complexion so fine
It can only be created by the divine
I don’t write for the women or the spirits
I write to glorify the one true God
Not all the daily spirits
This wasn’t written for Judas’ like-sake
The wisest man is the one who humbles himself in the midst of his friends
Blessed are the ones who walk around unashamed
Declaring the Lord from rooftops high
And valleys low
This is a poem written out of love
Not this earthly-lustful-shamefulness
Better yet
It’s written out of humility
No it’s not meant to make you ashamed of living
It’s meant to make you reflect on the life you live
The life you lead
Are you making your own trail
Or are you following the foot steps because you know that way can’t be to hard
I don’t write to get a response
To get praise
I don’t write to start a following of humans that have turned into mindless zombies
I write to be the fuel to a flame of love



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