Where do I go from here.
My heart is fuelled by fear.
Loving someone so strong.
But they believe it’s just wrong.
How long must I wait.
Before I discover our true fate.
Emotions running up high.
Scared his feelings are a lie.
Trying to make the make the right decision.
Trying to get him to be apart of my vision.
Am I fighting a losing battle with you.
Are your feelings for me true.
My mind cries in confusion.
Praying this is all not just an illusion.
Wanting something so bad.
Makes my heart grow sad.
Wishing my love is not going to waste.
Just yearning for his lips to taste.
Wish he Could see the truth in my eyes.
Wish he could trust my love is not filled with lies.
Just longing to hold his body against mine.
Hoping he will hold me and tell me every thing is going to be fine.
Even if I can have his love for just one moment again.
And savour in that memory so I can be rid of this pain.
I wish he could see himself through my eyes.
He would discover the most beautiful surprise.
If only he would feel the love I feel.
he would not push away a rare love so real.
I wish I could open his heart to me
And show him a new world and he could just let us be.


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