Before I die
I want to leave a mark behind
For the human race to see
How much I contributed to this world
I would like to be remembered
As a person with a golden heart
Who would  never break anyone’s spirit apart
Before I die
I want to climb high to the sky
And I am willing to try
I don’t believe in failure, only success
That’s why I’m doing my best
And I won’t settle for less
For I have self-worth
And everyone will know who I am when I leave this earth.


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Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Love this !!! Very nice.

Leesaan Robertson
Leesaan Robertson
over 4 years

Thank you. I'm glad you love it

Leesaan Robertson
over 5 years

Thank You

Imitating Art
over 5 years

This is a beautiful empowering poem :)

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