Once upon a time (And now)

Once upon a time
I dreamt of you being mine;
Now I’m holding you in my arms
Embracing every part of your body with my charms
Though I find it hard to believe that this is reality
I think you’re the man who’s made exclusively for me
By your side I’ll always be;
There’s no reason why I would not commit to you
When you are my beautiful dream come true
I never knew you and I would come together
To spend our lives with each other
After all the fantasies of you and I
That I had painted in my mind;
Which is why what we have at this moment
Should keep us bind;
I am blessed to have you all for myself
And I refuse to picture you with someone else
You are my angel sent from above
To give me never ending love
What we have shall last eternally
Because you and I love each other unconditionally.


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