Before you
I was like a dead soul
Waiting to be loved and adored
By the man who’s made just for me
And then all of a sudden my dreams came true
When you step into my life
And brightened it;
With your powerful love and passion
That feels and smell like a dozen roses
Such a great feeling you forever give me
Usually takes me deep into a place
Where you and I are living our lives happily
Without pain and misery
Before you
I have never experienced real love
The kind of love a woman like me always dreamed about
You’re the man I want to spend my life with for eternity
Because you have changed my life for the better
And what I mean is;
There’s no more darkness around me
Only endless sunshine
Which is why I’m thankful the angels sent you my way
And now that I have a man like you
I can finally live a fulfilling life.


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Leesaan Robertson
over 5 years

Thank you "Robert L. Martin. You are always so sweet with your words.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

If I were him, I would be delighted that you said that. I would love you and never let you go.


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