Dear diary
If I don’t love me
Nobody else will
I can’t let my guard down
In this crazy world of sin
I have to protect myself
Against all wolf in sheep clothing
For nowadays it’s hard to tell who’s real or fake
A smile I no longer trust
That’s just the way it is
I fear for my daughter
More than me
Who will be there for her?
When I’m dead and gone
To keep her safe on this planet earth
Filled with disaster
I think about that all the time
But I won’t let it lurk within my mind
Because Father God knows best
And he’ll watch over her soul and mine.


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Makayla Taylor
over 4 years

This is very nice. I respect you for speaking of God in your poetry, and it is written well! Thanks for sharing. C:

Leesaan Robertson
Leesaan Robertson
over 4 years

Thank you so much for reading

Fatima Amal
over 4 years I was just worrying over the same thing last night. I was thinking how much crazier this place has gotten since I was a child, but you are correct!...God will pull His children through, He Always does!! Beautiful poem!!

Leesaan Robertson
Leesaan Robertson
over 4 years

Thank you. And yes God always pull his children through.

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