Don't give up on yourself

I know exactly how you feel
Like there’s no more hope left for you to cling on
But you can’t think that way
Though every path you take is dark
Just keep on fighting
And don’t give up on yourself
You may be going through a lot of hell fire right now
In this stage of your life
But there’s one person who can help you
And he’s the creator
Yes! God is the answer
To the problems you face
Without him, you would be lost
That’s why you should call on him
He’ll never forsake you
At times, life can be overwhelming
And everything you see is cloudy
All you can do is fight the never ending battle
That don’t belongs to you
Only to the father
He feels your pain, burden, and internal cry
He bears it all for you so listen to what I say
Don’t give up on yourself
Get the necessary help you need to become an over-comer
If you take a step forward you can heal completely.


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