I can’t let you go (Song)

I couldn’t handle the pain of losing you to someone else
I would probably drown myself
In endless tears
For I don’t believe in saying good bye after all these years
To the man who I love with all of my heart
If I had to; I would be torn apart
You are the reason why my soul is lively each and every day
Baby, I love you in every way
I can’t let you go
I’m so in love with you and this you already know
The sun may not shine anymore
If you break my heart into pieces
And scattered it all over the floor
Baby, I can’t let you go (No)
I could never because I love you so
There’s nothing like waking up next to you every morning
It’s such a great feeling
That should last forever
All I want is for you and I to be together
But if it doesn’t work out between us two
At least we’ll still have love for each other
And what I’m saying is true
If I can’t spend my days with you
I don’t know what I would do
Each time I fall asleep
You’re the only man I see
It’s clear that you and I are certain to be
So if you ever walk out of my life
I might collapse to the ground
Just by not having you around (Baby).

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