I’m leaving you today (Song)

You say you love me
But smile at every girl you see
If that’s your definition of love
Then I don’t want to know what real love is
You think you can play me for a fool
And act as if I should accept it like everything is cool
Such nerve you have to treat me unfairly
After I poured out my heart to you so willingly
I’m leaving you today
Because you and I do not belong
And I should have known all along
Since there was no chemistry
Between you and me
That’s why I’m leaving you today
And there’s nothing you can do to make me stay
You don’t deserve to have a good woman like me in your life
Therefore; take back your ring
Because today I’m no longer your wife
You and I are certainly not meant for each other
Even the blind could see
That’s why I’m ending our relationship
So we could move on and be free
I’m walking away from you today
And tomorrow will be a new day (ooh)
I have wasted all of my time with a man like you
And there’s nothing I can possibly do
But live and learn from my mistakes
You can’t cover my eyes anymore with your lies
Because I’m fully awake
I know; a better man is on this planet earth waiting for me
Waiting to love me endlessly (ooh yeah).

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