Lonely (Song)

Since you left me all alone
This home is no longer a home
I don’t know what love feels like anymore
You took it from me when you walked out the door
But at this moment I wish you would come back around
To hold my hands and lift me up off the ground
Many sleepless nights I think of you
Holding me in your arms the way you use to
And it always break my heart
Knowing you and I are completely apart
(Baby) I can’t stand being lonely
All I want and need is you only
So please bring back the love we once share
Because it still linger in the air (Baby)
Heartbeat to heartbeat; I belong with you
And you belong with me
Just like it's supposed to be
How I yearn to see you again
(Baby) I regret the way things end
Now everything remind me of you
And it hurts no matter what I do (Baby)
This lonely heart of mine
Cries out to you all the time
For I'm still in love with you
And I can't stop thinking about
The great bond between us two
I can’t sleep or eat
Because you constantly make my heart skip a beat.


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