Longing to be happy

Each day I look forward to being happy
But how can I be?
When I’m lost in pain and misery
I feel like I’m losing my sanity
My heart continue beating
Though I’m not really breathing
Honestly speaking;
At times, I wish I was dying
For I’m extremely hurting
All I want is to succeed but I can’t understand why
I keep falling to the ground every time I try
Bad luck follows me every where I go
Which is why my spirit is always low
Sometimes I wonder if I will get a breakthrough
Because I’m stuck in the same spot and can’t see anything new
Nothing good happens for me
Is this how my life supposed to be?
I cannot think of any reasons why I am not meant to be free
I am a child of God and I’m somebody
But at this moment in my life; I’m just a damaged soul longing to be happy.


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