Love ignited

As I lay my eyes on you
My heart beat consistently
Right at that moment
I knew you were the one
Yes I did
For the way you grasp me
In your arms
It felt like a fire was ignited
Jah know
Just your beautiful smile alone
Captivated my soul
The two of us caught strong feelings
Though it was the first time we met
You can call it love at first sight
But in my mind
You were sent in my direction
To share a life with me
For all eternity
So where do we go from here?
That was the question you asked
While holding me so gently
I looked at you and said
Jah know
We are each other soul mate
Afterwards, you kissed me
With such passion
Now, we stick together
Like super glue
For this love of ours will always linger.

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