As Jacqueline walks down the street
A car pull up to her feet
When she looks in the car
she saw a handsome guy by the name of Anthony
Who tried to fooled her with his smooth style and bright smile
She felt for the player disguised
And believed all of his lies
She was so in love with his face
That she decided to take a ride with him to his place
She had sex with him the same night
Though she knew it wasn’t right
For she knew nothing about him or his life
And didn't know if he had a girl or wife  
The player told her what she wanted to hear
Because he didn’t care;
The next day, she receives a call from a girl name Karen
Who claims to be Anthony girlfriend
Shockingly, Jacqueline did not know how to react
She just could not believe
The player had put on such a good act
And as she was listening to Karen threatening
To bring her life to an end
If she see him again
Jacqueline knew it was time to walk away
And not listen to any more words that Anthony say
For he was just a player who got caught up in a love triangle
That he simply could not handle.


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