Reach out to you

Whenever I try to reach out to you
All I’m focused on is us starting anew
In the middle of the night
I always watched the stars shining from the sky so bright
There’s nothing I want more
Than to see you walk through the door
In my dreams, you always hold me just right
And you would wrap your arms around me tight
At times, I would wake up to realize that happiness has disappeared
Somewhere far in the air
You're my first love and will always be until you depart from this world
What you mean to me is worth more than diamonds and pearls
I’m willing to give you my whole heart
I wish we could go back to the way things were before we split apart
Whenever I try to reach out to you
I get frustrated for I don’t know what to do
Though I know you’ll come my way again
Because you and I have a strong connection that will never end.


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