Stranger (Song)

If you lock the door and throw away the key
I’ll find a way to break free
You can’t hold me
And make me your prisoner
I’m not your wife or lover
We’re not together
You are just a stranger
You are a stranger who I met unexpectedly
I don’t know you and you don’t know me
So why leave me all alone in your room
Until you get home
You are nothing but a stranger
Who I ran into on the street corner
Nothing but a stranger
I will kick down these doors and escape from you
And there’s nothing you could do
You can’t keep me here in bondage
Because I’m not your slave
You are only a stranger
Who wants to take advantage of my body
Give me my freedom back
I want nothing more
Unlock the door
And let me go free
I"m not your property
You are a stranger
And that’s all you are to me
Nothing but a stranger.


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