You and I are one

As we lay in each other arms tight
And sleep peacefully every night
The love we share together
Rises stronger;
While our connection goes deeper
Our hearts beat ten times faster
And bind us forever
If you ever leave me
It would be a tragedy
My life would be a complete misery
And I can picture me losing all my sanity
I couldn’t stand the pain
And my heart would flood like rain
You are the only man for me
It’s crystal  clear to see
And it’s written across the sky
You and I are one for life even when one of us die  
Without you; I wouldn’t have any more breath
We both belong in life and death
I can’t imagine being with another man
For you; I’m willing to do all I can
A love like ours will continue to grow
You and I are one and we don’t mind letting it show.


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