I am hearing the words, those words of concern, again...
 “Babe, you okay? ... You’re looking so pale?”...
—I would rather don the tattered clothes,
  Becoming cloaked by beautiful truths;
  A ragged layer upon pure awareness,
  In the moment of my lowest lows...
  Than be caged behind an inner-frame facade,
  Draped under shiny lie coated threads;
  Clothed; Pinned, and in awe...
  Beneath denials up-turned nose,
  As such on thoughtless heads;
  Their garments rubbing... rubbing... RAW.
Mirrors seem to agree.
In my defense:
 —I practice and perfect; Emotional Dismemberment.
 —Subscribe to borderline Paranoia.
 —Clip long—time taught, and sought after; Heart Strings.
 —Tread softly on, and in, the matters of Trust.
 —Engaging instead, wholeheartedly,
    in that scorching art;
    The Art of Lust.


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almost 5 years

So unique and different from mine and therefore hypnotic .. I've found a lot of yours this way .. A good talent it is

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

sing it brother! sing it!

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

i hear you brother! well said :)
i just want to find my Eve and watch this world... my feelings... her feelings...our doubts... insecurities... misconceptions... and even truths... watch them all burn in the wet hot flames of our passion... as we devour each other... taking them from each other... till only we remain... wet hot and broken... in each others arms...

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

.... such grand things you say, thank you kind Sir....

Norman Goldstein
over 6 years

Had to read four times...it pulls and twists like a
soft tornado spinning me around myself...great indeed...

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