Anna Sleaze is diseased.
Like Typhoid Mary,
and fucked with ease.
Always with a “Please!”
And a “MORE, MORE!, MORE!!”
Her need will never cease.
Anna’s Aesthetic.
Anna’s Septic.
I guess I’m in need of a well;
Anna’s ink soaked tidal swell.
Even Eve’s Evening Eden,
does not compare,
to my bed-crested insomnia.
The mattress in moan;
heat, beat, and trying to be discreet.
Anna in Threes;
hands cramped, on failing knees;
we share a Joan of Arc mania.
Bottle fed on sex and dread,
and a haunting of faces;
giving me breakfast head.
Quieting the thoughts I have,
and the Witness; so artfully led.
My Eve, ending with Mary.
And my Anna Infectee,
needing to sink in her relief;
comes, with my Dis-ease.


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james matthew coleman
casi 7 años

It is a little skewed (wink). Your comments raise my confidence, and I thank you for that!

casi 7 años

Whoa... Heavy... Totally twisted! Loved every nanosecond!!!

Cory Garcia
casi 7 años

This is some mad verse and mad skill :)

james matthew coleman
casi 7 años

thnx brother :)

casi 7 años

Awesome man!

casi 7 años

I re-worked this piece a bit, better?

casi 7 años

Aren't they the best? Gifts to be treasured ;)

casi 7 años

those women lol

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