J Ann Crowder

I am a transformative swan of deep ebony, silk feathers
I sing with gentle muses on Apollo’s mystified notes
In many a dream, I dance with graceful wings on eventides of love’s enduring purity
My inky, starless hues are a vast and shimmering darkness, like rayless tree shadows sleeping on shining lakes of moonbeam
In a suffering, aphotic morose, my feathers have furled a heavy duvet—still, in faith my wretchedness turns into a gift, like wishing star dust at night’s slumber
I am fairytale love expanding from silvery slivers of enchanting ripples
I am a poet’s sacred totem
I walk with elegance—my feet in harmony with cosmic waters
I am a sable joy, a black swan beauty, beckoning those who dream of me to take flight into their waking visions

Written January 19th, 2017. There is a darkness in the roads we travel. The imperfections of the roads we travel(our life, our trials, our weaknesses) are transformative, like the transformative beauty of the Black Swan. Our imperfections lead to a beautiful perfection. The Black Swan is both imperfect and perfect all at once.

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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 3 ans

I've seen a black swan once and I wondered if it was a transformed
white swan. And I've seen many white swans and I wondered if any of them was a black swan. The events in our lives, the "roads we travel" are unpredictable, you're right. What you thought as "white swans" suddenly on a turn become "black swan" events, transformative. The suffering in your darkest moments with faith can put you in "love's purity...of a sweet slumber". Love this one. Thank you Jenifer. Leaning my back on the totem.

Robert L. Martin
plus de 3 ans

I guess a brighter future lies ahead.

plus de 3 ans

There's an ounce of good in the most evil man, I always say. And there's a touch of madness in every genius. I like!

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