By J Ann Crowder

Pain traces bleeding edges frozen by icy winds sheething a hissing song
Prowling ravens turn to coal dust by our burning screams
Inevitably, somber moons of night overlay earth’s shadow and turn to blood
Prevailing light travels behind this madness in our minds
It was meant to be, the madness and pain
For blood moons captivate
They could not exist without each vital element procuring magic potions
Striking a match to our centered being
Now, a firebird is our core
At last, we only comprehend light after darkness has rung its last toll
We only see beauty in God’s silent Promenade after blindness dissipates
We only feel joy after the smoldering ashes of our pain die
Is it a wonder?
Not in the end
Because in the end our comprehensions reveal a truth of power:
Diamonds do not create without a burning
Virtures cannot be fully recognized without vices
And our greatest nemisis becomes our priceless and precious stone

Our journey must inevitably be met with pain. Written March 16, 2016.

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J Ann Crowder
almost 4 years

Thank C. R. Stranger! Such a nice complement. I decided to join this though I really am not accustomed to sharing openly my poetry. I think it's good to share and learn from others. And I truly do enjoy long poems. Tennyson is my favorite and notorious for long poetry. And yours has such good rythm, like a song. I look forward to reading more.

almost 4 years surprise that i go to a poet on this site and immediately read a poem that moves me and speaks to me to the point i must favorite it....i came here just to reply to your comment on one of mine and ended up reading this like 3 times :) its intense favorite kind...but thank you for your comment and yea can't you tell I've been told some of my poems are to long ? :) so thank you for telling me i shouldn't worry about it...i think its just been by people who aren't really into poetry who I've read it to personally so i guess i can't blame them...but people on this site seem very serious about poetry so I'm glad to be here(just started a few months ago)....anyways i look forward to reading more of your poetry this particular one makes me realize following you is a must biting and intense ...and very well written of course

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