By J Ann Crowder

Whilst traveling to gates adorned with pearls shining fair—beyond is heaven
I’d like to be greeted by faces kind and glowing in an abundance of purity
I’d like to hear enchanting choirs sing in his kingdom, greeting me with soft songs of ashen wings
I’d like to feel prints in his hands, feet, and side—knowing he died for me
I’d like to know of his transforming love so bounteous
I’d still wonder within, was I worthy to be standing there? Embracing arms of those I loved, who passed before me
As I fall into his grace, heavy with tears ever joyous, I’d long for felicity's musings to rise within
Felicity would bloom as rosy plushes kissed by new rain while she grew on a joviality of souls
Alas, taken home to topaz mountains and crystal shores forged by fire—a gleaming heaven and sea of black tides, bejeweled by rarest gems of purity
May I enter at feet and bode of all my peaceful whims nestled with pleasant angels smiling kindly and gracious
May I be welcome and worthy of a prize no grander
May my soul forge through heat shaping precious stone, transfiguring line upon line as ladder rungs reach skyward—a home to heavenly palaces
Thus, precepts are wrought and truth unfolds, living emboldened by eyes single to his glory
Now, expanding faith as seeds rooted in hearts yeilding decadent tastes
Simply, dreaming deep upon slumbering skies and grasping truth of dawns
For God’s majesty is in moons and stars, and awakens with his son’s glory resting upon earth
'Tis a glory and sacrifice born on love’s wings—an unconditional charity

Written on July 21st, 2016.

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Nelson D Reyes
alrededor de 4 años

A glorious Ascension! At once this poem brought before me God's majestic creation!
Spread before me the Sistine Chapel! (I must confess I've never seen it in person.) but reading your poem "Pearl Gates" takes me in the middle, under the ceiling, looking up in awe.
Here's hoping I am able to climb this ladder as well to "heavenly palaces" and dance in "jovial spirit". Loved this one as well!

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
alrededor de 4 años

Thank you Nelson! I hope you are able to climb the ladder too!

Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 4 años

I truly believe all these things will happen to you.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
alrededor de 4 años

I pray everyday they happen to all of us, especially friends like Robert. What a special day it would be to earn such a reward, to live there with friends and family. I know heaven exists.

Charlotte B. Williams
alrededor de 4 años

Beautiful !!! me too.

alrededor de 4 años

"Death is not a wall, but a door" ~Peter Marshall

Thanks for sharing your declaration of faith.

alrededor de 4 años

Amen! Beautiful verses...

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