With Thine Heart

By J Ann Crowder

To this be true, with thine heart
Live always for a rose’s breath upon thy cheek
Live for hands gentle and voices composing words reassuring
Live for kind words dancing with colors of butterfly wings upon thine ears
To warm lips and admiring eyes be true
Be true with thine heart and soul, to embraces never letting go
Be warm as the warmth of night comforters comfort
With day light of sun gleaming air be warm
To moments freezing upon memories never ceasing be true
Never forget how it feels to have breathing lungs, hands able to touch, eyes able to see new birth, and ears able to hear earthen lullabies
Bask in this new birth, moment by moment, breath upon breath
To thine own gazing sight upon God’s paradise be true
Upon snow capped mountains and spring fountains flowing down crippled paths finding great mouths of silver lakes be true
Remember to watch many beginning slices of moonbeams falling like flaxen stars upon thy face
Live for falling stars and capture thine moonbeams
Don’t let thine moon beams dim
Live to find gullies blooming like the fusion of light and mist forming darting rainbows swimming within an azure oasis
Find gullies blooming and stay
Live to rest thine ear on a babies laugh and stay there too
Because our being is Mother Earth's greatest treasure
Make sublimity freeze in time as if to frame snow capped mountains in spring
Hang it forever upon thy door
Wrap it forever into thy soul
Do not die without living to sing with strong winds, and dance with ocean waves
They carry heavy storms and they smooth jagged rocks like smooth river stones caressed by time
Do not die without loving Mother Earth
With all thy senses love her thus absorbing, exuberantly, her globe of mountains, verde, moisture, and clean air; absorbing her like a dry, thirsty sponge
Soak up life
Live life polishing edges until they shine
Do not die too quickly in thy mind and heart
Do not die before thy body
Live, learning to be alive in every moment great and small
Do not stammer and stutter upon climbing thy sublime summits merely to stumble upon a cliff
Build a bridge
Keep climbing to other vistas
Only gaze on stars in dark’s heavy blackness
Only anticipate iridescences of clean light and freshly blooming hills after a storm has raged all around thy soul
To thine heart give of this earth placed before you, then live
Always remember baby laughs and human frailty intertwined with Mother Earth
This forever, with thine heart, be true

I am leaving the interpretation of this poem up to each reader. I love nature and I believe we should appreciate the earth, living life as if it were a gift to us; which it indeed is. Written April 12th 2016.

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