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Jenna Matchem


You never realize
You never know
How afraid you are
When your truly alone
Nobody left beside you
Nobody left to care
Pushing is all your good for
When your running out of air
So this is what it feels like
So this is how it hurts
When feelings are left forgotten
Left forgotten in the dirt

Beaten, battered, bruised.
I am broken.
When someone chooses to push Humpty Dumpty,
They don’t stick around to see if he can put himself back together.
I have been pushed and I am falling.
Will someone be there to catch me before I am lost?
Being gone forever is not a scary thought anymore.
Knowing that you chose to push me when I was calling for help,
That’s what scares me.
Now I know what you are capable of,
Being a coward and running instead of facing your mess.
You won’t stay to clean up what you have done,
You don’t deserve to know how you hurt me.
Shattered me.
Broke me down.
Because my life will never be the same.
You abandoned me when I needed you most.
You don’t realize how I need you.
I need you like a fish needs water,
Like people need air.
But you don’t need me the same way.
You toss me aside life the garbage I am.
Well now I know my place at least.
Thank you for showing me my value.
Ill make sure to remember it for the time I have left here.

I am most beautiful where it matters most
On the inside
If you don’t want that in your life
Why should I waste my precious tears over you?
I loved life before you
And I will continue to live it after you are long gone
Because one person can’t change me
I won’t let anyone do that
I am too strong and independent
Women need to learn to survive without the companionship of a man
And I think I am learning to
You think you can take what you want from me?
Not anymore
I am taking a stand for what I believe
Everybody is beautiful
And me?
I am just as wonderful as you

Can you see
A shadow in the dark
The monsters lurking
Waiting to tear you apart
The blood of their latest victim
Dripping from their maw
Talons extended in anticipation
As you stare at them in awe
Disguised so well
You will never see
That these monsters were never
What they claimed to be
With your heart on display
Scarred so deep
The marks will never fade
Claws digging in
Until your so frayed and torn
Shattered like fine china
Upon the hardwood floor


Fallen from grace
An angel inside
Screaming for freedom
With no place to hide
Slowly falling
Light extinguishing
No way out of misery
Lifeline depleting
Into the inferno
The deathly abyss
Right into his clutches
Satan’s gruesome kiss
This imprisonment I shall go
My burden to bear
Impossibly slow
My choice is my own
And now I must pay
My life for eternity
This never ending game of pain


Switching sides
Like a two faced coin
Teetering on the edge
Decisions un joined
Portraying one thing
But meaning the other
Nothing is certain
When playing with fire

What once was mine,
And completely whole.
Now wanders away,
Devastatingly alone.
But t creeps back,
From time to time.
And only in dreams,
Is it easy to find.
I may not be normal,
Bus sometimes I see.
Even through I lost my sanity,
Insanity fits me.


Creating doubt
Creating lies
Fashioning secrets
What more do I despise
I guess I should thank you
I guess I should care
For the reality check
Life isn’t fair
No matter my feelings
No matter the cause
I will always love you
Even with your flaws

You think I am strong butI’m not.
I’m just a broken scared girl trying to be tough in this big cruel world.
You tell me I’m this
And you tell me in that
But I know the difference
I just have to think back.
All of the times I’ve been used and abused
Have never prepared me for anyone like you
I know one day he will finally see
That all he is missing is the wonderful me.
But will he ever see
Or will he stay blind
He has his girl
When I’m left behind

I find her on the floor
Bloodied and broken
I fall to my knees
Wondering why
It was never meant to be this way
I never should have seen
But I did more than witness
This monstrosity
Looking in the mirror
At my bloodstained hands
My screams shatter the silence
As I realize it was me

Played like a fool
I turned a blind eye
Blocked by my affection
I didn’t see the lie
But as we all know
Your actions show your true self
Saved for the physical
And nothing else
You tell me your like me?
I’ll believe it when I see it
No more pretending
I’m done with this secret

You tell me you know
But you don’t have a clue
She’s what your after
She’s what you seek
You leave me alone
When your all I need