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You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

You only have one chance, so make it unforgettable.

Don’t be embarrassed to show your feelings, I may be feeling the same way.

Make sure you’re perfect before you try to tell me that I’m not perfect.

Life is about taking risks!

Don’t let yesterday take up to much of today.

I do not want to just read books; I want to climb inside them and live there.

Any book you have not read is a new book.

The deep, deep thoughts we think.
The warmth that rises out of our body.
The color in our imagination.
The screams we hold in our lungs.
The laughter we hide when it’s quiet.
The times we spent together are endless.
This is the gift of friendship.

Your skin is like the leaves on the branches of a tree.
During winter you cut it until it’s almost bare.
Spring, your skin is healing with very few new cuts.
Summer, it’s so hard to stay clean
And, finally, during autumn you break down and lose it all.

I lay in the golden wheat,
Warm on my back.
As I look over,
I see him.
Brown hair that sweeps on his face
Just the right way.
Honey colored eyes so perfect
You could see his beautiful soul.
He comes to me,
Not a word to be said.
He picks me up and
We both get lost in a warm,
Deep kiss.

Deep darkness.
Never ending,
Crimson blood,
Running and running.
By a knife.
Alone for now.
Hushed by a tone.
Saved by a boy.
Kissed by this creature.
I finally found myself,
Under the shadows of hope and faith.
I look deeper with this delicate face.
The one that I searched for,
All my life.
And he was there,
As perfect as can be.
A very tall, slender kid.
Black hair, teased in a beautiful manner.
Blue eyes, that makes me melt away.
His voice is the sweetest thing,
It says just the right things at just the right time.
At midnight we have the power.
We can do anything to make up for the time we lost.
The life that I had before I met him was very dull and senseless.
While searching for a life, and him,
I saw how meaningful life itself was.
Never again will I give up.