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Jess Factzz


This empty space
Creates a place
Where senseless sounds will echo
Vibrating off cold cement walls
Is meaningless words
and purposes, lost
This is the inside of the box..
Minds plot and plan schemes
For sale;
Cigarettes, soap and dreams
Nothing is ever what it seems
Uncertainty is the only certainty
For certainly, you can see.
But the time shall come to set me free
Because the Lord is carrying me
Straight to a place
Where an empty space
Only creates
A sense of peace.


Isn’t it just fuckin’ great?!!

How this city, how this state
this country as a nation
How society as a whole
is set up for us to struggle
Set wages, with higher rent payments
Not even including electric, water,
property taxes an insurance payments..

Isn’t it just fuckin’ great?!!

Speaking of insurance
to ensure me, but insures not
Add up all the years of monthly payments
in which most will never see a dime.
Tho we must not forget
it is mandatory if you want to drive
After already payin’ thousands
just to get the ride.

Heck, they even rob us for that
'cuz gas prices are so high and they only get’n higher
Sometimes I even think
gas prices smoke weed
'Cuz i’ma damn chronic
and their higher than me!!

Isn’t it just fuckin’ great?!!

Have you noticed
I’ve yet to even speak of food..
But you know we pay for that too
all of it, not a crumb is for free
And if we don’t have no money
Then we simply don’t eat
So we work all week
9-5's —5-9's —
Sore backs and feet
delayed peace of mind..

So isn’t it just fuckin’ great?!!

The 3 mandatory actions that keep us alive..
Eat, sleep and breathe
and we’re payin’ for all 3!!



I wanna take this little moment
of your precious time
All beats off
so I know my words reach your mind
Life is so short
at any given time
It can be an ending to your living
so learn the wise..

On a chase for riches
Don’t forget to enrich your mind
It holds a higher value
Than any currency can trade or buy
So don’t neglect it
It is priceless when you use it right
Don’t build a web of lies
Just to hide from the Truth
'cuz when you do
It ain’t hurting no one else but you..

Never be afraid to prove
Your point, if you got one to make
You can win the war
Just don’t let them push you out your place
Maintain a steady pace
Slow and steady win the race
Its when you start rushing things
Your profits and knowledge go just the same

Its plain as day
You already have the knowledge in your brain
Put your game plan in play
and run it without hesitation
Just a couple more statements to ingest
Keep on your quest
and don’t let them kill
The beat in your chest..

Or else
Your life is theirs!!


This is meant to be spoken word which will not be received the same when read so plz, press play. Thank you.

Have you ever felt alone and you were the only one?
But your in a room full of people,
and only you can see what is really going on..

Your eyes seem to see
What no one else can,
And your mind wants to know
What it don’t understand..

You sometimes feel crazy
Because your thought’s aren’t norm,
You see things and feel things
In all different forms..

Is it only me who sees things this way?
I can feel constant changes every day!
When you try to explain
To your family and friends,
But they look at you like,"huh?!!"
They don’t understand..

Is it a gift
Or is it a curse,
As the things I see
Only get worse.


Your skin shines like silk,
Laid upon a curving stretch.

Your eyes glisten like the stars,
Which my heart, they always catch.

You smile with such joy,
It’s overwhelming with delight.

Your voice is so mesmerizing,
It soothes me through the night.

When everything is quiet,
Is when the loudest words get spoken.

Put your eyes into mine with silence,
You will know that I am not jokin’.

My love for you is still growing,
Like a flower stuck in bloom.

When your around, no need to speak,
I can feel you in the room.

How beautiful you really are,
I could explain all day.

But that would take up all my paper,
For it only to be thrown away.


Have you ever noticed at random
the blank stares of a stranger
as you pass by them and thought back on how crazy
your own life has been
then wondered into thinking
on how their lives went..

Is it better than yours
or possibly worse
another life in the cycle
taking its turn
around and around
in consistent routines
with no time to live
no time to breathe..

Excuse me, do I got your attention?!!

Have you ever recognized or realized
without trying,
the sighs of those crying
or the cries of those dying around you
or maybe even the whispers of those dead
behind you..

Lost, once written
then erased
and re-written again
on a new page
day by day
until the book ends
its like the same stories
over and over
fairy-tales that never begin
just hopes and dreams ending
but yet the story is never over..

Excuse me..
So now that I have your attention
I would like to thank you
in appreciation
for allowing me to touch your mind
as well as for any poet or MC
that gets on the mic
because I believe
we all come for the same reason..

In search of enlightenment for the spirit
messages left in the words that we speak
and see, today my message
is we gotta start paying more attention
to everything and everyone around us
someone you know may be close
to giving up
and that acknowledgement alone
just might be what saves them..

So I hope that your paying attention.

Eyes of a lion
Heart of a thug
Soul of an angel
Who’s been sent back to touch

The hearts of the tired
The minds of the weak
The eyes of those blinded
By a leader’s false dreams

You tell me they’re open
So what do you see?
Mass minds in confusion
From the lies they conceive

It’s written in history
A nation founded by thieves
and now we are thankful
For being charged to be free

Oh, you don’t think so
Well they named it Thanks Giving
But why only one day
Everyday we should be thankful

But since we have to pay to eat
It’s like we gotta pay to breathe
and made to work for murdered trees
So we only live to kill the breeze.


The rain starts to fall out of the sky,
Like God is crying and I want to know why!

I can feel the pain as the sky turns grey,
My soul is crying for a brighter day!

The world is crashing on us all,
We have betrayed the Lord and all of His Laws!

We always wonder why these great storms head our way,
But if we don’t change our ways they will be here to stay!


Life is so hard
To survive can be really tough
To work all of your life
and it STILL isn’t enough.

Who made it this way?!?!
To strive all day long
Just to see the next day..

I scream to myself
Why slave me to the bone
To only set me on the shelf!?!

Unites States of America?!?!?
“Divided States of Free Slaves”..
That better fits this country
I am surprised we are not in caves.

But they would never have that
They don’t want us to know
That is US who makes this country
WE make their fortune grow!!

While we live check to check
They live day by day
Their salaries are already covered
Because WE have paid their way!!

One day we will ALL wake up
and fight back for what is ours
Take back our lives and own freedom
Their “treasure” would sink within hours..

Now I don’t know if that day
Is going to come in my time
But whosoever’s time it shall be
I hope you have heard this rhyme!!

People are like tall wheat plants
Sprawled out for miles across an open field
Whichever way the wind blows, they sway its way,
ANY way
Forwards and back
At any given time
And it does not bother their roots
Because they have no thoughts, no mind.

So frail and delicate
That with one strong blow of the wind
They snap, break and become removed from them-self
Only to drift away, far away
From home and what they know
Like a feather in the wind, floating
With no place to go.

A ceaseless existence where to wither away..
Is their only destination.

Coiled lines of cords and time
Throughout life we long to find
Dream to know the realest mind
I pray for thine to not be blind.

Long to be with the Lord, Divine
When it is time to come for mine
A view in reflection in a mirror of games
What you once seen is not the same.

Still blind from the pain
You accept the sounds of the rain
Wake up from this nightmare
Be free and regain!

It’s time for the truth
Be true to yourself
Make yourself happy
Before anyone else.

Above all, God loves you
So don’t settle for less
and keep the beat alive...
The one in your chest!!