A Royal Cracksman

When the housebreaking business is slack
And cracksmen are finding it slow
For all the sea-siders are back
And a great many more didn’t go
Here’s excellent news from the front
And joy in  ;
Things are looking up since
The German Crown Prince
Has been giving a fillip to trade.
His methods are quite up-to-date,
Displaying adroitness and dash ;
What he wants he collects in a crate,
What he doesn’t he’s careful to smash.
An historical chateau in France
With Imperial ardour he loots,
Annexing the best
And erasing the rest
With the heels of his soldierly boots.
Sikes reads the report with applause,
It’s quite an inspiring affair ;
But a sudden idea gives him pause
The Germans must stop over there!
So he flutters a Union Jack
To help to keep Englishmen steady,
Remarking, ' His nibs
Mustn’t crack English cribs,
The profession is crowded already.’
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